South Toe Community Dances

Yancey County, North Carolina

Dance Poster for the South Toe River Dance

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Welcome to a tiny, alive community in the wilds of Mt. Mitchell's North face! Traditional Community Dances have been happening here in South Toe for several decades. We dance here in Green Cay, a multi-purpose building on the campus of the Arthur Morgan School, a Quaker school for middle schoolers, in Celo, NC. We've a fine wooden floor and wood stove heat in the Winter. It's one of the more lovely places to dance in America.

We extend an open invitation to come and dance with us on any first Friday the month. We dance all year through. The community energy unfolding of late is a very real, on-going celebration of life, of handing on music, couple dances and set dances in a broad number of traditions including contra dance, square dances, set dances in varied formations and from a wide variety of traditions. Dance leadership is drawn from the astounding resources of the region as well as nationally known dance leaders.

We celebrate folks coming together and sharing the joys of traditional dance – always with LIVE MUSIC! All are welcome to attend - even just to take it all in and watch the joy unfold!